1. Ask the right questions. 

Lack of communication breeds misunderstanding.  As an armorbearer, it is part of your anointing to discover exactly what your leader expects.  As you tap into that anointing, you can effectively carry out the vision with Godly strength and surety.  What are your responsibilities?  Ask your leader for clear instructions so there will be no misunderstanding.  It’s up to you – not someone else.


  1. Why are you there?

The armorbearer is not just an office.  It is also an attitude.  Having that understanding will equip you with the right spirit to do the job during hard times.  Elisha’s double-portion ministry had its beginnings as a servant to Elijah.  His heart remained humble because there was no ulterior motive.  He wasn’t there to “climb the ladder” to success.  You are called to the high place of laying down your desires for ministry in order to fulfill someone else’s.  You may have to constantly reaffirm why you are there because it will produce major tests.  Lay your desires before the Lord and determine to remain with your leader until Jesus comes.  SERVE.


  1. Having done all, stand.

People will always have an opinion about what you should be doing.  My wife and I stilled the voices around us and made a decision to obey God at whatever cost.  We remained faithful in our positions for 23 years until the Holy Spirit released us with the blessing of our Pastor.  People will always speak when they see an anointing.  Do not be moved from the high place to chase a premature vision.  Remain faithful to God and He will reward you.  When that time of reward comes, you will have the confidence to do His will.


  1. Understand the times.

Christianity has always been under attack, but never on such a broad, vicious scale as today.  James Dobson recently commented that 1,500 ministers are quitting the ministry each month.  Satan is trying to destroy the leadership so he can scatter the people.  As no other time in history, you must be aware of natural and supernatural situations.   Throughout the Bible, the leaders that moved the strongest with God understood the times they lived in.  Take time to read the Bible in that light and see how each generation was affected by wise leadership.  Especially in this day, to be a strong armorbearer, you must understand the times.


  1. Pray! Pray!  Pray!

Prayer should be the undisputed number one priority in your life.  The only way you can remain faithful during difficult times is to keep yourself in a position to hear from the Holy Spirit.  That position only comes from a disciplined prayer life.  Prayer always moves God into your world.  Picture the will of God like a train.  Your prayer life lays the tracks for God to move in your situation.  Many a day I have laid on the floor in prayer due to times of discouragement.  Each time I have been infused with the strength to continue and overcome because of the Holy Spirit.  Allow God to be in charge of your situation by laying it before Him in prayer.


Terry Nance


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